Sunday, April 3, 2011


I ran a 10k this weekend!

And it was easier than I thought!

Ok, not EASY, easy, but it was not too bad, either. My friend and I ran together, weaving back and forth in front of a bunch of people, and even did a 9 minute (and something) mile on the l-o-n-g uphill. We finished in 62 minutes. That means that overall, we ran 10 minute miles. For 6.2 miles. Which is far.

I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes from working hard to reach a goal, training and making decisions leading up to the big day, the anticipation of the big event, and then the celebration that the event in and of itself turns into.

We ran, then went out to eat, and bought ourselves the biggest pieces of chocolate-peanut-butter-cup cake that you can imagine. I sat down to eat mine three separate times. Yum.

We are making plans to run a 5 mile race near home, at the end of the month. It helps so much to have someone setting goals alongside me, calling to make sure I go running in the evenings, and to chat with me while we push ourselves to do the hilly route instead of the flat one. Being able to share the accomplishment just makes it that much sweeter! (I don't have a picture from the run, but here's one from after the lunch -- that's the bridge we ran over in the background.)

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