Monday, April 18, 2011

the festivities

Turning 30 required a celebration the likes of which I have never organized. My mama, however, has organized many, many successful celebrations, so I took some cues from her.

I started early in the week with some lists....What to clean, what to buy, what food to make, what sweet hubby needed to do. Writing it down definitely helps it to get done.

Sweet hubby went with me on an epic shopping trip to Sam's and Walmart, where he let me splurge on a few flower pots I didn't need. And then he let me splurge on plants to go in them, and the good dirt so that hopefully the plants will keep growing, even when I start to neglect them.

Sweet hubby fixed up the yard at the beginning of the week, then touched it up the night before since rain was forecast the morning of the party. That was very nice of him -- he displayed an element of forethought and time management that he has not always displayed in the past.

Two sweet neighbors (roommate and running buddy) came over to help me with food preparation. We spent a couple of hours putting together some recipes in the early afternoon, then arranged some flowers, and had a break.

My mama needed help hiding Easter eggs for the hunt at her house, scheduled to start about 45 minutes after the rain finally cleared up. I took my helpers and sweet hubby with me, and we hid the last of the golden eggs as the egg-hunters arrived.

Then sweet hubby and I went to a work party and ate delicious food while watching Barcelona beat Real Madrid. Or maybe they tied. We skipped out early to do final preparations for the party.

My helpers came back and we got some food in the oven, some more flowers in vases, everything arranged all pretty on the table, and then the first guests started to arrive.

Would you believe that with all that preparation, I forgot to ask anyone to take pictures?

There are exactly two pictures from the party:

Me with sweet hubby, holding the delicious cake my amazing sister made with fresh strawberries.

Me with my good friend Christopher, who walked in carrying the amazing painting you see below, which we immediately hung above the piano. I'll displace ok art I made myself for incredible art a friend makes just about any day.

By the time I realized that there weren't any pictures of the party, it was the day after. And roommate had cleaned up everything the night before, so there wasn't even any destruction to take pictures of. Just this one little bowl of candles...


  1. lovely! happy birthday!! no pictures means everyone was enjoying the party;)

  2. I love that painting!! Happy birthday!!!