Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Would you?

Lots of people at my school are posting projects on Donors Choose. I'm thinking about posting a project of my own.

I teach 3rd grade. In Spanish. To native English speakers.

I teach science. I like teaching science. Teaching science is fun. We get to do fun experiments, like putting sweet tarts in water and seeing how it dissolves faster, if you shake it or if you don't, and comparing it to the weathering that rocks get when they bounce along in a stream. We also get to put tuning forks into water to see the vibrations, and make pieces of paper hum, and tickle our cheeks. We get to plant things and watch them grow, and talk about how they make seeds and such fun business.

Except we don't have anywhere to put the seeds, other than baggies or plastic cups. There are a couple of raised beds at the front of the school, that a different teacher somehow got dibs on at the beginning of the year, and doesn't want to share. So here's my question.

If you were interested in giving money to someone you didn't know, to use for her classroom, would you ever consider financing the purchase of some huge flower pots, maybe some small fruit trees, lots of dirt, and seeds? These are the things I'm thinking of asking for.

What would you do?

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