Thursday, March 31, 2011

rainy thursday


Whoops, shouldn't let the rain determine my mood.

It was rainy yesterday, too, and probably will be tomorrow.

School is hard right now. One kid's mama decided to get herself hitched about two weeks ago. The kid had a hard time with that, and is currently having a hard time with the honeymoon. And his hard time means a hard time for me, too, as he acts out aggressively and hyper-actively and ridiculously all day long.

It's getting close to testing, too, and the other third grade teachers are gearing their teaching towards the skills that will be on the tests, rather than trying to finish out the math series we've been using. I don't have anyone to compare notes with, anymore, about how the math series is going. I'm feeling a little isolated in this regard. And science -- well, we've been off on science all year, all doing something different. I'm hoping my wild bunch have learned and retained anything at all. I think the most likely thing that they've learned is about how sound is produced -- the most fun experiments are the sound experiments. Too bad we're on rocks and minerals now -- not my favorite. Plants are coming soon, though. Hopefully we'll be able to plant some -- want to help? Plants can be fun to learn about, if we have pots and soil and seeds. I'll probably end up having to do it all out of pocket again -- so on a much smaller scale. Less fun.

My dad went to yoga with my mom and me yesterday. It was kind of funny. He didn't really get it -- I think he was really surprised that it could be such a workout, or that there could be so many things to think about all at once, or that we didn't just sit there saying "ommmm" the whole time. My upper back and legs are extra sore -- I think it was good for me to have something to break up all the running.

10k this weekend -- it should be interesting. My friend who was inpatient thinks she is going to run with me. I don't think she is going to run with me. In fact, I don't want her to run with me because I am a horrible person. Ok, maybe not a horrible person. But I do feel guilty that my friendship turned out to be so conditional. At the same time, she did some very hurtful things to my other close friend, who is still living at my house. That makes my position more complicated. The one who wants to run with me on Saturday is moving out of their house tomorrow. I don't know when roommate will be moving out of my house. I sincerely doubt that she will return to their shared space for more than packing up and cleaning out. I know she has been looking at other places, but I don't think any of the ones that made the cut are within walking distance, like the current (abandoned) residence.

I'm excited to be near the beach this weekend. I think it will be nice to have time away from home, as it always is, but this will be weekend #3 in a string of weekends away. I'm excited for the run, and to see if I can finish it without walking, and to spend time with good friends. I hope that my friend doesn't end up sleeping in my room. Although I think it is extremely likely.

We interviewed someone for the 5th grade immersion spot for next year this afternoon. I liked her, but didn't feel like she really answered any of the questions we asked. I'm not sure I would want to work on a team with her, like we have planned for next year. I'm hoping that I like the next candidate better. And also that the ELA partner likes the next one better. I was so blessed when my partner teacher chose me.

The kitty is sleeping on my lap. She's a sweet one, that little snuggler. Soft and fluffy, too.

Wow, that was a lot of random on my mind.

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