Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am...

snuggled up in my pjs, with a cup of hot chocolate by my side, and a bag of orange toast. Yum.

watching the 5:00 news. It's early for me to be home, especially in my pjs.

hoping my mama doesn't call to go to yoga tonight, but hoping she will call and tell me she saved me some soup today.

glad the school day is over.

feeling unprepared for all that life has to offer, which is uncharacteristic of me.

feeling prepared and unprepared for school tomorrow, even though I couldn't think of anything else to put on the to-do list after school today.

wishing the kitty cat would come snuggle.

thinking that I might burst into tears at any moment for no reason at all.

just feeling blue today, but know that tomorrow will be better.

hoping for resolution of a few things that seem to be swirling around in my life.

feeling settled and content, for the most part, with where I am in life, and where I think I am going.

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