Monday, March 7, 2011

when I look like this....

The best thing that ever happens to me is that someone super nice, patient, loving, and kind sees me, and waits a few seconds longer at the stop sign so that I don't have to stop, but can keep running (ok, jogging at the brink of tripping on myself) as I cross the street in front of them, doing my best to manage a wave when really I think that my arms and legs are about to fall off as I cross in front of them.

To the nice lady who waved enthusiastically at me today, as I crossed in front of you, I would like to say Thank you. You truly made my day a little bit brighter. I ran the rest of the way home thinking about how wonderful it was of you to help me out that little bit, those few extra seconds, and made it so that I wouldn't stop too soon, as I am wont to do when I slow down for even just a few seconds.

Thank you for making my Monday a little bit lovelier.

I'm having a hard time making the pretty picture work, but I'm sharing today at Blessed Little Nest.

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  1. random acts of kindness...they rock! {and, as a runner too, i understand the benefits of not having to stop!} happy monday! :)