Saturday, March 5, 2011

I am

Waiting for the alarm guy to come. The alarm system at the beach decided to go off five times on Thursday evening, getting my dad out of an important meeting five times, to talk to the alarm people and the police, who went by the house three times to see if there was any particular reason for the alarm to be going off so frequently. They didn't see anything unusual, and the house looked completely normal and unused, so I decided not to worry too much about it and bring my friends down with me for the weekend as previously planned. I talked to the alarm guy briefly yesterday, and he said he is going out of town today, so could only come by super early. Like, between 8 and 8:30 on Saturday morning, of girls' weekend.

Thankful for woo woos. Never had one? I love them. Orange vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry juice. Drink as many as you like and don't feel sick in the morning. My friends agree. They are practically the only thing I drink anymore -- all the fun but none of the hangover.

Looking at the marsh. And the wind blowing in the live oaks. And the sun reflecting off the water. And wishing it were just a little bit warmer so that I would rather be sitting on the front porch than inside on the couch, looking out through the window.

Feeling dirty. But I don't want to shower until after I go for a run. Which I am determined to do. At some point, after the alarm guy finishes up whatever he plans to do when he gets here. And maybe after going back to bed. It is girls weekend, after all, and I stayed up late and got up early.

Excited about a surprise gift for my mama. A flamingo tervis and some nutrageous candy bars. In a flamingo bag. With paper that actually coordinates, but didn't come together. Sitting on top of the buffet for her to find when she comes down in April with her friends, and not for any particular reason, other than she likes these kinds of things. I think giving and receiving is part of her love language, and more often than not I am on the receiving side. So this time I saw something that made me think of her and decided not to save it for the next time I *need* a present for her, but to just surprise her with it because I think it will make her happy. And the intention is for her to have the cup at the beach, so I'm making it easier by putting it here for her. One by one we will fill the cabinet with plastic cups, much to my grandmother's chagrin, I am sure. The classy glass version of tervis just doesn't hold up well to beach living. I accidentally pushed one off the table while sewing over the summer, and because of the pressure between the two layers of glass, when it hit the floor, it exploded everywhere. Like, to the four corners of the open plan gigantic room I was sewing in. The floor has probably not been so thoroughly cleaned in years. And we still find tiny shards of glass.

Still waiting, even though 10 minutes have gone by. I will be annoyed if the alarm guy doesn't show up and doesn't call.

I think he just pulled up.

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