Sunday, March 20, 2011


Right now I am waiting for a bunch of things.

I'm impatient. I'm trying not to be too impatient about most of them, and just enjoy the ride.

A list:
1. For sweet hubby to wake up. He looks so peaceful when he sleeps, but he sure knows how to snore!

2. For the school year to be over. I like working, but I have a tough group this year, and want to move on.

3. For summer. I love summer. I love walking around in a bathing suit and sleeping late and playing in the water and summer dresses and sandals and going to the ice cream shop...

4. For a friend to figure it out. One dear friend of mine made some serious mistakes lately that will affect our friendship. I think she has already realized this, since I haven't called or visited her in the hospital where she is seeking psychiatric treatment. I am waiting to feel like a better person for not calling and not visiting, too, but somehow that doesn't seem like a good thing to have on my list.

5. For donors, for my classroom. For all I complain about how hard this year is, I do still want good things for my kids. Want to help? You could make the wait shorter.

6. For my family to grow. I hesitated before writing that, because I think it is an extremely personal thing, to be waiting for a family to grow. Sweet hubby and I still answer to friends and family that we are not ready for a baby, not trying to have a baby, that we have a cat (hahaha). We will wait for God's timing. But we are not actively impeding that from happening, either.

7. For a surprise weekend away, next weekend, to celebrate 5 years of marriage to sweet hubby. I know we are going away, but I don't know where we are going!

Oh, the waiting. I'm trying to enjoy it.

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