Saturday, February 19, 2011

the weekend

Oh, how I love me a weekend. This one is great, so far.

I had an all day meeting at school on Friday, and a productive all day meeting, and it was great. I like those kinds of meetings, where a small group of us are given a task and a specific job to do and then left on our own to get it done. And we did. This was the last of a series of 5 or 6 meetings where we were working on this task, and we finished out work. It was nice. And it is so refreshing to work in a setting where each person's opinion was valued, counted, and used. And in a relaxing setting, where it is OK to leave the room to go to the bathroom and lunch can be ordered in and not eaten in 10 minutes while reminding lovely little children that they need to eat instead of mixing their foods, slinging their food across the cafeteria, or trying to play "gotcha" under the table. If you are a mother, I'm sure you do plenty of this at your own house, but on a much, much smaller scale and on a much looser time schedule.

All in all, with the flu included, I only taught for two of five real school days this week. I had a great sub on Monday and Friday and a pretty poor sub on Tuesday. I spent Wednesday re-doing everything that was supposed to have been done on Tuesday, and was able to do the Wednesday stuff on Thursday, and threw in a little bit of a review day on Friday with the sub. Not quite everything that needed to be finished got finished, but that happens to me sometimes, too. We'll take care of it on Tuesday, since Monday is an in-service day.

And today, OH, today. I woke up at the beach. I will go to bed at the beach. I will drink wine, and I will be happy.

I *am* happy. There is truly something magical about this place. Magical, I tell you. Somehow, upon arrival, the stress just melts away, time seems endless, and all thoughts of reality just vaporize.

This was the best resolution I think I have ever made, and perhaps will ever make again in my life. This weekend trip is part of my New Year's goals -- a trip to the beach at least once a month. It was hard to schedule, and kept getting moved back a little farther and a little farther, but here we are, in February, completing the second month's due. And loving it. And so thankful for this place, this beauty, this gorgeous sunrise, and the sunset that will come later.

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