Friday, February 4, 2011

100 days

100 days of school, celebrated today....

This means 80 more to go. And very few days off in between now and those 80....One of them the date is still to be determined. But that's ok, I don't need to know in order to make spring break plans, or anything....

This has been one long week. Meetings on Monday, followed by a run immediately after arriving home, then straight to lead bible study, and home for supper then bed. Tuesday, after school, got a few things done, then headed home to sit out the fever and aches....Low enough fever to still go to work the next day, but high enough to notice it....Wednesday, collaborative planning craziness with a wacky schedule and bored kids in the special activities (that weren't exactly like what had been planned, after all, and were much less entertaining than originally planned), then a meeting about immersion that could have been lots more organized, followed by getting lessons ready, straight to circle at church, where I got to wedding plan for a friend, and from circle to yoga, so not home until 8:45 for supper and bed....Thursday, after school, after planning/preparing, to the grocery store, for dinner plans involving a group of university church members that I didn't know very well -- all of whom ended up canceling or not showing up at the last minute. Fortunately, I have some close friends in the neighborhood, who showed up to help me eat the ravioli and pumpkin pie. And today, Friday, the 100th day of school this year....After school I left as early as I could manage, had dinner with a couple of friends, and will see a few other friends for a wii dance party at my house tonight.

Tomorrow I will rest. And it will be good.

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