Monday, February 14, 2011

It's 1:45 on Monday

And I am *not* at the Valentine's celebration at school.

That's ok, though.

I'm in bed, with the flu, STILL.

That sweet kitty of mine is snuggled under the covers with me, too, and I don't care who thinks that is gross -- it is the warmest thing on the planet, and soft as could be....And she's an indoor cat, so not that dirty either.

I admit, I'm kind of freaking out about whether my kids learned anything at all today, whether my sub was able to use the computer and projector, whether my kids behaved (and that is a BIG concern, since they typically have trouble with that)....

And how much of a mess I left on Friday afternoon for my sub to walk into this morning....Hopefully that will teach me a lesson about leaving the room nicer, just in case in the future.

If I weren't so daggum sleepy and sore from so much coughing, I might try to go back tomorrow....
But instead, I'll have one more day of rest before returning to the fast pace of 3rd grade.

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