Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I have options!

I feel like there is a light at the end of a dark and stressful tunnel!

I met with the HR lady today about maternity leave, and she presented me with an option of which I had previously been unaware.

As you know, I've been moved to a different grade level for next year, taking the place of the teacher who requested to move into my current spot, and who is known to not actually use appropriate materials for immersion in her classroom, and also being required to work hand in hand with this teacher to let her "help" me adjust to the new grade level at the same time as I'm more concerned with spending time with my baby girl.

I've been very upset about it. Many sleepless nights, some pleas for help and assistance, grudging enlistment of another immersion teacher at my school (and perhaps forthcoming another teacher at a different school), lots of tears, a conference with the director of the immersion program, more tears....and now I finally feel like I have an option.

Did you know that beyond FMLA there are provisions for long term child care?

I had no idea!
Apparently, if I choose, I can take the WHOLE YEAR (unpaid).


Without resigning.
Without breaking contract and risking unemployment the year following.
Without having to look for a new job.
(Ok, yes, without receiving pay beyond the vacation/sick days I've accumulated over the past four years.)
Without having to work with the teacher I am dreading working with, who has put me in this whole position to start with.
Without having to stress out about whether teaching materials are translated into Spanish.
Without having to spend lots and lots of time away from my baby girl.

There are still some details that need to be considered (like, a year of no pay) before any decisions are made.

But this feeling of having options?

It is amazing.

Pray that I will find the right information at the right times to make the right decision.

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  1. I hope you can figure out the best decision. I will be praying for wisdom for you!