Tuesday, May 28, 2013

i am...

8 days away from summer vacation

waiting for the appraisal-man to come and appraise the property next door, so that i can discuss finances with the finance man on thursday and hopefully make an offer on the property by the end of next week

missing the beach after a wonderful, relaxing, fun weekend with my family

watching my alien stomach move like crazy as Peanut dances on the inside

sad that the smoothie-blender-cup got stuck in the smoothie-blender-motor-base, so both are stuck in the fridge until sweet hubby gets home from getting some allergy shots (and finishing his work day, too)

excited to see sweet hubby's boss during career day at my school tomorrow, talking to my students about her job as an interpreter, and hopefully in spanish

hopeful that sweet hubby will remember to buy a new gallon of paint for Peanut's room so that my little sister can paint the room (again) on friday, since the second gallon was originally left untinted and got mixed with the first gallon....

dreading having a teacher evaluation written on me by my principal tomorrow during career day activities when i have the "art" rotation (draw a picture of a career for a guessing game), but tomorrow would still be better than friday field day movie time

constantly kicking sweet hubby out of bed by accident with my gigantic but super comfortable body pillow taking up too much space or whacking him on the head

tired of the mess of my house being totally out of order from Peanut's stuff in piles everywhere when it should be put away in her room already

sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, but trying hard not to nap so i can sleep better at night

ordering some more shorts for the summer, since the ones i ordered before are too tight on my rear (funny how my entire body has expanded much more than i ever thought possible even though my doctor keeps telling me i've gained the perfect amount of weight)

cleaning out my teaching files and materials to make space for everything that comes with the new grade level

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