Thursday, May 9, 2013

i am...

still hoping the situation at school will resolve itself soon, although it seems that maybe i need to just get used to the idea of moving grade levels at the same time i have my first baby.

watching bad tv since the internet connection was too slow for netflix.

feeling the baby kick.

not excited about teaching tomorrow after three days of state testing.

also hoping i have enough activities planned for our wacky schedule at school tomorrow.

thinking the baby shower my students are having for me tomorrow will be cute.

covered in cat hair from my furry sweet kitty.

constantly checking my email in hopes of good news (i.e. the news that i won't actually be changing grade levels next year) but not really receiving the news i want.

enjoying a peanut-butter-fudge milkshake

thinking that it is bedtime, but with sweet hubby out for the night, it's hard to get myself in bed on time

just about 26 weeks pregnant and totally unable to control my emotions

glad sweet hubby has made plans to paint the baby's room tomorrow (grey -- not exciting, but hopefully pretty)

hoping to have some creative inspiration and follow through this weekend, whether sewing or framing or painting pictures for the baby's room

hoping the clothes i put in the mail to return to old navy arrive and are credited back to me pretty soon

counting down -- after tomorrow, there are four more weeks of school until summer!

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