Saturday, March 10, 2012

running group: take 3

the first two attempts can be found here and here.

Today was much better. I've still got at least twice more to go -- since I decided that five tries is a good effort -- but at least I'm feeling encouraged by today's running group experience.

It was a smaller group today -- there is a marathon, 1/2, and 10K run going on in my city, and several people were either waylaid by the traffic diversions because of the runs or running in them. However, there were still 5 people running in the 1/2 marathon training group, a couple in the walking group, and me.

There was still not much conversation at the beginning of the group, and no real meaningful conversation throughout the run, but I kept pace with another guy and we helped each other figure out the route. He kept me running a little faster than my normal, which was really good for me. And we got to gripe about the hills to one another. So I don't know his name, and we didn't talk about anything personal, but we ran together (not just 10 feet behind each other) and helped keep each other going. I'm sure we would have chatted afterwards, while cooling down and stretching, if he hadn't been in the 1/2 marathon training group and therefore going on to run three miles more than me this morning. I am proud of myself for getting up and running 6 miles this morning, after the crazy week I've had, and not having run at all since last Sunday. Dealing with the cat bite really put a damper on my physical activities this week.

So the running group? I'm feeling more enthusiastic about sticking with it for at least two more times. Although it might be a little while before I go again, since I'm hoping for a beach trip soon and have two races coming up back to back in the last weekends of March. They will be here so soon!

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