Friday, March 30, 2012

five minute friday

This week the topic at the gypsy mama is "gift". So here go five minutes, unedited.

Gift. A gift given, received, taken.

But what kind of gift is someone else's sacrifice?

It is a gift for me to spend time with sweet hubby. It is a gift for me to spend part of the afternoon outside, walking or running, chatting, catching up, talking with the man who makes up my world. It is a gift for me to eat dinner with him, to share his bed, to eat breakfast with him.

And yet I want more....I want the gift of having children. I want the gift of making our partnership into a party -- a party of 3 or 4 or more....I want the gift of watching the man I love become a father. I want the gift of motherhood. I want, I want, I want. I want to spend that walk or run with a stroller in front of me. I want to spend that dinner or breakfast cajoling a little person into eating.

The gift of having a eludes me still.

But the gift of being family....I've got that covered. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife. And I have the gift of living close enough to my parents that we can still have Sunday dinner each week and yoga Wednesday nights with my mama and carpool with my sister to some of the things we do together....Being family is a gift, too, not just wanting one.

Focusing on my gifts....that is where I should be.

But I'm not. I'm typically so focused on my wants, that I forget the gifts I've already received.


  1. Jumped over from Lisa Jo's and I just want to say thanks for your honesty and transparency! May you continue to wait with the perspective of focusing on your gifts! Praying .... Beth

  2. It is hard to focus on those gifts when it seems as one is just always missing. Keep striving!

    (PS - Cute dress!)