Friday, March 9, 2012

five minute friday

the word of the week: empty

Oh, and how empty I have felt this week with sweet hubby away.

I have felt the empty space of the house, the empty space of the bed, the empty ache when things have not gone as planned and I have longed to turn to him for the solutions.


Empty of conversation.

empty of exercise.

empty of meals shared at the table,
of days exchanged,
of laughter.

the laughter is perhaps the hardest part.

or maybe the commiseration of just how tired each of us feel.

or the emptiness of knowing that even when he comes home, we have had 10 days that the other will never really understand or appreciate. for the little notes we write ahead of time for one another....except that my days were empty of these, too....poor planning on sweet hubby's part, thinking I would like my notes virtually this year. No thank you...I'd much rather have something in my hand, to put under my pillow, to open and slide out of the envelope 20 times in the day and then slide into my jewelry box or my sock drawer to stumble across now and then in the future.

empty. empty feels just like waiting.


  1. Awwww... I'm so sorry your hubby has been away and it has been such a hard time! Before we had kids I used to go on business trips with my hubby but now it is too hard and he is often gone through the spring, summer and fall. I hope he comes back soon and your heart is happier!


  2. Empty is hard. I liked what you said about the notes your husband leaves for you. My hubby does that now and again, it's a wonderful reminder of his love, something to see and hold onto.