Monday, March 26, 2012

i am...

1/4 (or 3/12) of the way through the 2012 New Year's goal, and surprised in all of the best ways to have finished in 28:47.

proud of sweet hubby for running in his first race!

hoping that the people on dancing with the stars will stop yelling everything they say soon, or maybe just getting ready to turn off the tv.

understanding more and more what my running buddy meant when she said that she wants to go to a normal church, rather than a college church, but a normal church that is not only geared towards families. Sunday was a pretty darn discouraging day, from start to finish, from church to dinner to the egg hunt and back to church again.

suffering from all the pollen and very very hopeful that the allergy meds will kick in some time soon.

thankful that I have a student teacher who is doing the bulk of the teaching right now, so that I can save up some of my days off for times when I can't handle standing up with the class and teaching for a whole day.

not happy about taxes, especially after spending time looking at all the paperwork with my dad on Sunday. (Like I mentioned before, Sunday was a rough day.)

surveying the destruction that a weekend full of out-of-town friends and bachelorette parties and general over-scheduling has left in the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen....and wishing that a fairy would take care of it all for me.

getting excited about a good friend's wedding coming up in June, even if we have to miss a beach weekend for it!

seriously considering training for a half marathon in July, in Chile, with sweet hubby.

looking forward to the bridge run (10k) this weekend, assuming that I resume normal breathing capabilities before then.

celebrating 6 years of marriage to sweet hubby, and 5 years of home ownership.

eating way too many mini-robin-eggs and hyper-aware of their sodium content.

praying for my sister's best friend from college, Ashley, who had brain surgery recently and is still figuring out the rest of the course of treatment for her cancer, and thinking that it would be ok (um, great, actually) if you prayed for her too.

getting over-heated from the cat sitting on me.

going to bed. like usual.

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