Saturday, February 4, 2012

I am...

planning to stay in my pjs all day, sniffling and sneezing and drinking lots of fluids while snuggling with the kitty.

glad that I didn't have to miss a day of school for this, but a little bummed that a cold can dominate my weekend.

disappointed to have signed up for a running group, only to have to miss it.

hoping not to have the flu at next weekend's 5K, like I did last year.

excited for my student intern to take over teaching science for a few weeks, and ready to sit on my hands and glue my lips together while he's teaching.

considering watching all of downton abbey again while snuggled up on the couch today.

relieved that i didn't actually have plans for this weekend, anyway.

thrilled to have found an incubator and another third grade teacher who has a student who lives on a chicken farm with parents who will donate fertilized chicken eggs for us to incubate and hatch in April....I get to cancel one of my donor's choose projects!

stressed out by all of the winter testing going on at school....glad it's nearly over.

ready to eat some soup. it's already past my lunchtime (and it's only 11:00).

wishing the house wasn't such a mess, but i'm definitely not going to clean it today.

about to turn on the tv, play some angry birds, and forget all about real time.

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