Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I am...

curled up with the cat for a few more minutes.

going to yoga with my mama tonight.

giving up soda for lent? Not sure where that one came from, or how it will help me grow closer to God, but giving it a try....

sad to have wasted time after school at a mandatory meeting in which nothing I didn't already know was talked about and nothing in particular was accomplished.

glad that my student teacher has two groups of kids to learn on -- one group to make mistakes, the second to fix them. And fix those mistakes, he does. Some school will be very happy to have him in the fall.

still enjoying the daisies that sweet hubby surprised me with on Valentine's day.

thinking really hard about the peanut-butter m&ms that I shouldn't eat before yoga.

lamenting that I didn't turn on the electric blanket.

surprised that the mail-person just came at 6:00pm....that's a lot later than our normal mid-afternoon delivery/pick-up.

apprehensive about sweet hubby's upcoming trip to Ecuador. I like that he gets to travel, but 10 days apart is hard times right now, between school and everything else going on in our lives.

avoiding cooking supper and considering investing in lean cuisine.

looking forward to the opera this weekend, and even more so to having sweet hubby home in the evening for three days in a row (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday....and he'll leave super later on Wednesday, so it doesn't really count.)

excited to visit one of my best friends from college and her babies in March -- it just got put onto the calendar.

pretty sleepy...I think I'm already noticing the lack of caffeine.

up and at'em, getting ready for some exercise.

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