Saturday, February 11, 2012

catching up

I painted an old window frame for sweet hubby to surprise him at Christmas. I was supposed to start painting the bedroom that day. I'm sure he was suspicious about why the house smelled like paint if I hadn't gotten started, but he didn't say anything. I hid the finished frame under the guest bed to wait until I could get him out of the house to wrap it and get it to my mama's, under the tree. The next day we started painting our bedroom and slept in the guest bed. I was nervous all night that he would look under the bed. After Christmas, when I told him the pictures had been under the bed the night we slept in the guest room, he said he almost looked under the bed, but didn't. What a relief. I think I need to think a little further ahead this year.

Sweet hubby helped me paint our bedroom during Christmas break. Now it feels light and airy and homey and like the beach, all at once. We are both very happy with it. I'm so blessed that he doesn't mind all of my "girly-ness".

Home-made chia pets? Best school project to date. Definitely one of the most fun things I've done with my kids so far. It takes about a week and a half, but they do grow hair! (and just in time to go home for Christmas break, too!)

New bedroom curtains, made over Thanksgiving break.

New bathroom curtains, also made over Thanksgiving break. They both still need to be re-hemmed.

Before the first race of my New Year's resolution....January, 5K. We walked for a block or two, then starting running again. We made it in 35 minutes, or something close -- much faster than we anticipated!

After -- we were tired. And definitely warmer.

We did race #2 this morning, but I don't have the pictures yet.

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