Saturday, August 17, 2013

waiting for baby

Still waiting for baby....

I survived the teacher work-week before students return to school, but won't go back on Monday (when students start). I think my long term sub (LTS) will do a great job in my absence, and I'm very blessed that she is an enthusiastic worker with teaching experience, a daughter in the immersion program, and a good relationship with the technology specialist at my school who used to teach immersion and has offered to share her materials and expertise with both the LTS and me.

I passed my due date -- so far just by one day, but we'll see how many more. Baby girl is not seeming to make any progress whatsoever in trying to escape my belly. She'll be evicted on Wednesday if she chooses not to appear before then.

Sweet hubby helped me clean up and put away the last round of baby gifts from a shower last weekend, clean the kitchen, and in general straighten up the house this morning. I'm so glad he understands that I just can't really bend over very well with my big belly and that I get winded so quickly, with the baby pushing up into my lungs all the time.

We're going to have a little date this afternoon to see "The Butler" even though the reviews I've heard have been mixed. This may (hopefully!) be our last chance to have a date for a while -- we're both hoping, at this point, that the baby comes sooner rather than later.

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