Thursday, August 1, 2013

i am...

up early, but not as early as the friends and sweet hubby, who left the house at 6 a.m. to look for google chromecast (? is that right?) in a nearby bigger city

hoping the kitty stays on the arm of the chair, rather than on top of the baby bump this morning

thinking about finishing up a sewing project (a swaddle wrap with velcro for Peanut)

not sure whether the sewing machine is working correctly after the needle got stuck several times yesterday afternoon, not sure i want to fight with it if it isn't

enjoying the quiet of having the house to myself this morning and not being along for the long car ride, best buy, and possibly ikea

wondering how long Peanut is going to stay in my belly, as we are now in her birth-day-month! eep!

making a really long and impractical to-do list of things that ought to be accomplished before Peanut arrives (should packing a hospital bag go on the top of the list? things at the top are more likely to happen, right?)

eating sopaipillas with manjar for breakfast

not thrilled about jury duty starting on monday morning; hoping that they will take one look at my extra pregnant belly and send me home for the week

avoiding checking my school email account since this is the last week and a half of vacation before returning to the chaos of preparations, meetings, and negotiating exactly when to begin maternity leave (before kids come back, use up some days of maternity leave before Peanut arrives, or suffer through a week or so with kids and then be out for the full maternity leave the day i go into labor?, and working this all out with the long term sub and my principal who says she wants what is best for me but really wants what is easiest for her...)

trying not to count down days until Peanut's due date, trying not to think in terms of so many weeks left, trying to be flexible and easygoing as the unpredictability of my life increases infinitely with each passing day (and i know it will continue to increase with Peanut's birth, too -- maybe this crazy summer has just been a little mind bending preparation?)

counting down the days until the friends head back to chile and i have sweet hubby back to myself (not to mention the house, space to organize and clean and prepare for Peanut, and the furniture that will be coming from my grandma's apartment to our house, and going back to work after not really feeling like summer was all that relaxing this year, despite some wonderful times at the beach...)

off to get started fighting with the sewing machine

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