Friday, August 9, 2013

last vacation day before...

Today is technically the last day of vacation before teachers head back to school in my district. I know we still have Saturday and Sunday, but those don't count as days of vacation, in my mind.

I met my long term sub yesterday -- she seems very nice, very energetic, and very enthusiastic. Easy to get along with and willing to learn/listen to how I typically do things/get things done. She and my partner teacher moved all the desks around in my classroom, which makes the room look *almost* ready for students. (I think this is pretty amazing, since yesterday was the first time I've returned to my classroom since I left it in June!)

Since it is so close to the beginning of school, there were many other teachers at school, too -- it was nice to see friends I haven't seen since June, and some of them were so surprised and excited to see my Peanut belly! I can't believe that my due date is next Friday! (Don't be surprised if Peanut is NOT here on Friday, though! There are no signs that she is ready to be born!)

I've been trying to make progress on my pre-baby to-do list:

1. Pack hospital bags (for both me and Peanut)
2. Wash cloth diapers
3. Hang artwork
4. Move sweet hubby's chest of drawer's into Peanut's room
5. Move chest of drawer's from Grandma's apartment into our room for sweet hubby

6. Move rocking chair from Grandma's to Peanut's room
7. Finish crocheting Peanut's blanket (whoops...I probably should have been working on this for a while now)
8. Meet with long term sub
9. Get classroom ready for long term sub/students
10. Check up with doctor today
11. Hair cut today
12. Celebrate being excused from jury duty!

I should probably add more items to the list, but I don't really want I'm going to pretend that this is everything!

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