Tuesday, August 6, 2013

the house is quiet!

The friends have returned to Chile!

There are so many things to do here, now that we have our space back to ourselves....I'm not sure sweet hubby is going to think that they all need to be accomplished as quickly as I'd like for them to be, but this will be rush-nesting at its finest, I'm sure.

To do:
1. Pack hospital bags (for both me and Peanut)
2. Wash cloth diapers
3. Hang artwork
4. Move sweet hubby's chest of drawer's into Peanut's room
5. Move chest of drawer's from Grandma's apartment into our room for sweet hubby
6. Move rocking chair from Grandma's to Peanut's room
7. Finish crocheting Peanut's blanket (whoops...I probably should have been working on this for a while now)
8. Meet with long term sub
9. Get classroom ready for long term sub/students
10. Check up with doctor today
11. Hair cut today
12. Celebrate being excused from jury duty!

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