Monday, January 21, 2013

what a great weekend!

Even though I was still battling a cold, we decided to head out to visit our good friends and their babies in Atlanta this weekend.

I'm so glad we decided to go! (And not to postpone the visit!)

We arrived late Friday night, and I more or less went straight to bed.

Saturday morning, I got the baby up when he was crying, and started off a great day of playing with babies and catching up with college friends. The last time we visited was right before we found out we were expecting our baby, so it was exciting to see each other again!

We lounged around in pajamas for a while and then figured it was time to do something. My friend took her 3 year old to a birthday party and I took a nap. A little bit later, we fixed lunch and waited for our other college friend and her family to arrive -- a reunion of the summer beach crowd, in January!

The two older kids (3.5 and 4) are old enough to run around together in the backyard, so we let them do that, while the baby took a nap, and we adults sat around on the patio eating brownies and chatting.

IT WAS PERFECT. Not too hot, not too cold, a little sunny but we were in the shade, all of that good stuff.

We went out to supper and ice cream, then sent the kids to bed and watched a movie.

Sunday morning, my good friend's photographer sister took some pictures of sweet hubby and me -- we never had engagement photos taken, so these were kind of like that -- at a park and then on some train tracks -- hopefully a few of them will be cute. We were looking at it as one of our last chances to get pictures of just the two of us before the baby becomes really obvious -- although I'm sure my little belly will show up in some of the pictures.

We were on time for church, too, even after taking pictures, and had a delicious lunch, then had to pack up and head home.

I LOVE visiting these friends -- the only thing we ever schedule is time to hang out and play.

It was a GREAT weekend. (And my cold is mostly gone, too!)

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  1. I am glad you had a fun weekend. I hope the pictures turn out :)