Saturday, January 12, 2013

i am...

getting ready for yoga class

glad it's the weekend again

making more cinnamon rolls this weekend (thank you for the addiction, pioneer woman.)

overwhelmed by the amazing faithfulness of my God

looking forward to two short weeks of school (thank you, Dr. King.)

super emotional (thank you, pregnancy hormones.)

praying for Kristen Sullivan and her family she cares for her 2 year old and newborn while her husband is in the hospital with an inoperable, end-of-life stage brain tumor that was discovered two days ago (thank you for saying a prayer for them, too).

hoping my students remember on Monday the behavior lessons that my partner teacher says "clicked" Friday afternoon.

browsing maternity clothes online even though the only kind of bump I have so far is lots of bloating.

counting down the days until I'm past the first trimester to make public announcements in real life, or at least not try to keep the secret.

feeling happy and content this morning.

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  1. Cinnamon rolls sound delicious! Have a lovely weekend :)