Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'll need some accountability, Please and Thank You

I just made a couple of splurgy little purchases...

This pack of sewing patterns...

Some hot pink bamboo jersey knit...

And over the coming few days, after that fabric arrives, I'll be out shopping for notions...(elastic, matching thread, ball point needles, maybe even a double needle).

And hopefully, I will be able to figure out a few things:
- how to sew on my brand new sewing machine that sweet hubby bought me for Christmas (since I broke my old machine almost a year ago and have been missing it!)

- how to sew knits!

- how to make my own maternity clothes! (really, this seems like my only option at the moment for sewing for myself -- I can't really make tops or dresses with woven fabrics that won't stretch or have extra room and realistically expect to wear them this year!)

So...hopefully writing this here will help me be accountable for actually putting together the supplies I've paid for. My goal: to finish a dress before the end of February. That's totally reasonable for my supplies to arrive and for me to have a few good weekend hours for working on a fun project for myself.

Eep! I'm excited and hope it works out well!

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