Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i'm a dork....(or, pretending i'm martha)

I think that vacation is a great time for me to waste my time. For real. Because otherwise, why would I have turned the "move the books from the other room onto the bookshelf" project into a "make the textbooks match each other" project?

It all started with this silly idea of mine to group books not by type, but by color. I think I will hate this arrangement as soon as I want to find any particular book and can't remember what color it is. It seemed silly to put one part of The Sisterhood with the yellows and reds, and another with the blues, but I'll have to wait and see whether it bothers me in a few days, or months, or years, as it may be, when I'm finally in the mood to re-read the teenage angst.

I am very proud of myself for not taking the time to sort through the books, rather to just put them on the shelf, and there should still be some re-arranging of color/height combinations, but on the whole, I rather like it. There is another half of this bookshelf that can't be seen in the picture, but I didn't do anything to it since the tree is blocking my access.

That silly kitty there? She's sitting on my lap now. Makes it hard to type, since I can't move my arms or I will disrupt the purring.

And this is a close-up of my Martha-esque afternoon work. A little scrapbook paper, some spray adhesive, and an hour later the textbooks had been converted....

Some of my friends warned me a while ago not to do this. I couldn't resist. It does look a little staged....But it's my house, and I like cheesy. And the textbooks look a lot more inviting, too.

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