Tuesday, December 14, 2010

3 days




Only 3 more days until two little tiny weeks away from my monsters.

Any progress that I thought had been made, this week, is out the window. Forget lining up, forget following directions, forget all of it. That what it feels like, at least, and what it looks like, and what it sounds like....

I am so frustrated with my kids that I could just walk out, and not return, and be sad only about the having to find a new job with no references part of the equation, rather than the part of the equation where my kids have no teacher, get stuck with a long term sub, and keep failing everything because they are so horrible and therefore super low. Third graders should know how to read, people. Sure, they won't be reading anything super difficult, but they should be able to read at least a simple book that has repetitive language and simple, one syllable words....But mine can't. And if you think that reading in English is hard, just switch to Spanish. Because then it should be easy. Every letter is pronounced in exactly one way, except for c, which follows the same rules as English. It should be EASIER for my kids to read to me in Spanish than in English. But they can't. And if you can't read, please, oh, please, pay attention when I'm reading it to you. Because I'm not going to read it five times. I know how to read it, I know how to answer the questions, I know how to multiply, I know how to pay attention, and I know how to make you walk laps at recess because you are wasting my time. And I will.

Parents, please teach your children to pay attention in class. Although occasionally I change my mind and admit that I have said something incorrectly, far more often I find that I have to repeat myself over and over and over for these children to finally grasp that what I have said is important and that they might need to know it.

I am looking forward to my short, short break. I need to get away from these kids, store up some energy, and get together a super strict plan for the week after school starts back. Blegh.

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