Saturday, December 4, 2010

Going Green

This sounds pretty cool....

It goes along nicely with a conversation I had with a good friend on Friday night. We were talking about restaurants and going out to eat, and the cute cardboard box she was toting her leftovers home in, rather than a styrofoam container. We talked about how great it is that everyone seems to be getting better about taking their reusable shopping bags with them to the store. And then we decided that the next big thing in this going-green journey will be toting tupperware.

Yep, toting tupperware. We're pretty good at taking a reusable bag with us where ever we go -- leaving them in the car is pretty convenient. Why not keep a couple clean food containers in the car too? That way, when I go out to eat every single Sunday to the same restaurant where I almost always bring half of my meal home, I can just pack it into my own container, instead of having to put it in styrofoam and then change it to a plastic container that actually seals when I get home.

Starting tomorrow, the tupperware will be traveling in my purse. I'm a woman. We all carry purses with plenty of space for a little plastic container. And over the course of a year, I personally could reduce my styrofoam contributions to the landfill by at least 40 containers. That's a lot of styrofoam.

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