Saturday, July 6, 2013

ups and downs

beginning of the week: up
1. extra day at the beach
2. yoga with mama, twice
3. normal check up for baby and me
4. lunch with mama and sister
5. plans to return to beach for 4th of july holiday
6. positive meeting with 2nd grade team

turning point: about 12:30 p.m. wed. july 3

1. grandma (aged 96) passed away
2. rushed overnight trip to beach to clean house and pack up clothes -- less than 24 hours
3. sleepless nights
4. mangled nursing top by trying to use double needle in new sewing machine (hopefully no permanent damage to machine, only to top)
5. downpour inside dining room/leaking chimney (again), 1 hour before visitation for grandma
6. trying to find someone to put tarp on roof during rain, holiday weekend, and visitation
7. long term sub canceled for fall

it's turned into a rough week.

hopefully it will feel less stressful SOON.

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