Friday, July 26, 2013

i am...

waiting for my hair to dry a little bit on its own before i blast it dry with hot air in this already feels-too-warm-even though the AC is set lower than normal house

glad the contractor showed up after i had gotten out of the shower and was almost dressed, rather than while i was in the shower or not nearly dressed....also glad i've known him for a long, long time, so it was less awkward to yell "just a minute" from my closed bedroom door while hurrying to find shorts and t-shirt and not brushing my wet hair

thrilled to have new rafters, a new roof, and a new ceiling in the dining room

not thrilled to pay for the new rafters, roof, and ceiling in the dining room

thrilled that it shouldn't rain inside my house again anytime soon

slowly waking up after a morning nap, or moving very slowly this morning

not packed or ready to go to the mountains this weekend

excited to share sliding rock with sweet hubby and the friends from Chile who are visiting, as the official photographer for the outing, and not have any pressure whatsoever on me to slide in the freezing cold water

sad to have left the beach for what is most likely the last time before the baby is born, even though she's not due for another 3 weeks (and I don't expect her to be born before or on her due date, either!)

happy to have enjoyed the beach very thoroughly for the few days we were there -- swimming in the ocean, boat ride, outlet shopping (I bought NOTHING!!! go me!), private beach, winery (they served me sprite and chocolates while the friends had their tasting!), and an hour long swim off the dock at high tide with sweet hubby, just floating in the perfectly still water and enjoying each other's company

a little bit annoyed that we have house guests (the friends) for the next week and a half while i'd rather be doing baby related nesting projects....and they are staying in the baby's room

trying to live in the moment and enjoy the friends' visit, since they are the 2nd and 3rd people to ever visit us here in the states in the 8 years sweet hubby has been living in the states (7 years of marriage).

doing my best not to be grumpy when i have super swollen feet, am hungry or thirsty, and need to go to the bathroom for the millionth time while the friends or sweet hubby are still enjoying being tourists

getting used to looking at the baby swing now set up in our living room

waiting for a few packages of cloth diapers to arrive in the mail

finished writing thank-you notes for the big baby shower last week

puzzling over the polite way to tell a good friend that i don't want her to come and/or bring her family to see me/help out a week after the baby is due (especially since i don't think the baby will actually be here yet, and i think my family would like to have first dibs on the initial helping out)

eager to meet the baby already and simultaneously anxious about the changes that are coming when she is born

having a very hard time keeping her name to myself -- i think it so often, i'm afraid i'll just blurt it out by accident sometime soon

going to go dry my hair now

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  1. I remember having the exact same feeling about blurting out our little guy's name. We ended up telling my parents because I just couldn't handle the secret anymore! haha