Tuesday, July 16, 2013

i am....

listening to the roofers bang around above me

so tired of not sleeping well at night, but know i am nowhere near as tired as i'll be once Peanut is born

debating whether i need to eat another triple chocolate cookie or not (probably "or not", but it's likely i'll eat it anyway)

excited to have a mom-car now

overwhelmed by the past two weeks of my life...grandma, time at the beach with cousins, the family dog dying, new roof, new car, a wonderful woman from church dying...so many ups and downs

thinking about putting away some more baby things, especially those given to us at sweet hubby's work shower on sunday night

also considering putting away my target purchases from this morning -- shampoo and lotion and such to get me through the first few months of not wanting to go to the store and not wanting to describe the products i prefer in great detail to sweet hubby

waiting for the contractor to tell me how much extra it will cost to have new rafters installed above the dining room

wanting to take a nap but not sure the noise level around me will allow it

avoiding preparing for the math training at school tomorrow

not planning to do anything to make the kitchen more presentable -- not unloading the dishwasher and not reloading it, not washing anything from the sink....hoping sweet hubby will do it later tonight

going to lie down and count the month of days until Peanut is here (eep! one month until the due date!)

1 comment:

  1. One more month - yay!

    I can't wait to see pictures of your sweet little Peanut!