Monday, October 8, 2012

I am...

enjoying a Lori McKenna song that I don't know all the words to.

a little cold on this rainy, cloudy, super grey day.

listening to sweet hubby start the supper preparations....his mama's lentil recipe, and sopaipillas....yum!

hungry for that delicious supper.

ready for my crazy kids to come back to school tomorrow, after their long weekend, parent conferences, and my work day in the classroom today.

sad not to be at the beach, where the weather was amazing this weekend. And the company was even better (thanks to both running buddy and roommate!)

hopeful that the next round of fertility medicine will do the trick, but trying not to be *too* hopeful.

overwhelmed by my schedule...directing a wedding this weekend, traveling to pick apples, going to see Pilobolus perform, and all within about 36 hours.

expecting the kitty cat to snuggle up tonight, since it's actually pretty cold out, and therefore in.

not using facebook anymore, and hoping it helps me to be more productive in real life.

starting to take a class tomorrow afternoon. One more thing to mix into the after school crazy business.

wanting a little bit of Rob Ryan's loveliness in my life.

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