Saturday, October 27, 2012

10/12 is not so bad

In January, I set myself the New Year's Resolution goal of running an organized race at least once every month in 2012.

I can't believe I'm actually 10/12 of the way there!

In August, my running buddy spotted a groupon for "Color Me Rad" -- one of those trendy races where people start out all dressed in white and people throw color at them until they are all sorts of rainbow looking.

I agreed to run with her, thinking it would be nice to try something different, and the groupon made the price of the race really affordable.

And then, school started, September happened, I more or less stopped running.

Oh no!

Except I was still running a little teeny tiny bit. Coaching Girls on the Run, occasionally meeting up with running buddy for a walk/jog, rarely heading out on my own.

So not running much, but running a little teeny tiny bit.

Last Saturday, it was time to put on a white shirt and find out what I would really think about having people throw stuff at me as I ran. And also time to find out whether I could, in fact, actually still complete a 5k.

And on both accounts, I was pleasantly surprised.

Running buddy, her sister and I started out all dressed in white:
And ended up a little more colorful:

We ran almost the whole thing, except for the super steep uphill part that EVERYBODY walked.

And aside from how gross it was to get the color powder in my mouth, it was kind of exhilarating to be in the middle of such a big crowd of happy people basking in a rainbow powder fight.

And so I am officially only 2 races away from completing my 2012 New Year's Resolution.

I'm starting to think ahead -- what should my 2013 New Year's Goal be?

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