Thursday, July 26, 2012

I am....

back in the states!

at the beach!

waiting on some college buddies and their families to arrive.

hoping sweet hubby won't be grouchy when I wake him up to help me clean this house before the friends and families arrive.

getting happy about going back to school in a few weeks.

happy to be in the hot weather again, rather than freezing my toes off in the snow.

excited for boat rides and sunshine!

glad the car place still had my tire, five weeks after my daddy had dropped it off to be repaired and I left the country.

still praying for the MacGregors, who have finally received a diagnosis -- Graft vs. Host disease, attacking all of Mr. MacGregor's muscles, including his heart and lungs. Treatment for GVHD has begun, but I'm unsure what the response to it so far has been.

probably too excited that today is payday.

surprised that my mama had an architect draw up plans to add bedrooms to the beach house, so that we'll actually have enough rooms for all of the newly married couples.

almost ready to start wading through the pictures from our visit with sweet hubby's family, but still feeling a little daunted by the enormity of the task.

still thinking in Spanish.

What are you doing?

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