Wednesday, July 11, 2012

hard times

My dear, dear travel buddy is losing her father.

He was diagnosed with pre-leukemia a while ago, and endured several different treatment options to change his blood counts and reverse the course of the disease.

The major complication, throughout his treatment, has been a decline of mental stability.

He was diagnosed as schizophrenic a whole so, which wasn't a huge surprise to those who knew him well, and also fits hereditarilly with my travel buddy's twin.

The situation has progressed, and I've just been informed that the family is all together, at the ICU, waiting for her father to have a permanent release from the increasing confusion and delirium that has played him since February, when he received a bone marrow transfusion.

In short, the doctors don't know what is causing the increased mental problems, although they have done every imaginable test and many of them twice.

This is a very hard time for my travel buddy and her family. If you pay, please pray for the MacGregors.

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