Monday, July 2, 2012


This trip has been a rollercoaster ride so far. Great times spent with family and friends followed by long stretches of frustration. Such is life in Latin America.

We arrived to RAIN. RAIN rain RAIN rain RAIN.

Several days later, we finally had some sun, so we headed up to Lonquimay, a town near a volcano. Since it was Sunday, nothing was open. We wandered back down the mountain to Malalcahuello, and treated ourselves to a night in a five star hotel with a thermal pool. That is definitely one of the highlights so far.

Another fun time was spent in Temuco with sweet hubby's best friend and his future wife. I discovered an amazing initiative in some of the parks here....outdoor, one size fits all, workout machines. There was what seemed to be a complete set at the park in Temuco. Here in Curacautin, there are only two machines, outside of the local hospital. Prior stared at me like I was the most peculiar thing they had ever seen the day I decided to use them after a run.

That has been hard, too. I'm planning to run a combined half marathon in a couple weeks, and it is almost impossible to train for it. It is very cold snowed yesterday. There is NO culture of exercise here, so my in-laws think I'm some kind of novelty when I do manage to go out for a jog. Also, every single make I come across has to acknowledge my presence, by either whistling, honking, or making an obscene comment. One day, I was so lucky as to have a whole high school full of boys scream things like, "casate conmigo guachita rica"....I'm already married, thank you very much.

The other thing that seriously grates on my nerves is the constant questioning about when we plan to have children. As you probably already know, so far sweet hubby and I are unable to have children, which has not been easy on my mental health to begin with....and the constant questioning is about to drive me over the edge. Good had been good, though, and my mother-in-law, who used to ask insistently, over and over, "Cuando me vas a dar un hijo?" actually has not asked AT ALL. I suppose sweet hubby's threat that I would leave if she mentioned it actually made it through. It bothers me that the shortest answer and surest way to change the topic when people ask is to tell them that we're my opinion, it's not anyone else's business whether we are trying or not, whether we want kids or not, why we haven't had them yet...people live their lives a million different ways for a million different reasons.

When we are out and doing things, I'm having fun. When we are stuck in the house because of the cold, for long periods of time with bad tv s and not much to do, I'm struggling. Three more weeks to go!

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  1. Sounds like Chile is quite similar to Guatemala with the high school boys and the nosey people! :)

    Glad you are having fun.

    My answer to the baby question is always, "Algun dia..."