Tuesday, April 10, 2012

pink things

Yay! Pink things!

While they are everywhere in my life....they are seldom new and exciting, and therefore often fail to make an appearance here.

My Easter dress, though, was nice a pink! (Thanks, mama!)

It has been a while since we have gotten all of the family together in a picture...Actually, not sooooo long, since the wedding in September, but we didn't take my grandma with us to the wedding. It was after surgery on her eye, and she just hadn't recovered sufficiently.

I have a folder full of family pictures from the past few years, that I copied from my mama -- it goes like this: holiday, holiday, birthday birthday birthday holiday birthday beach holiday holiday birthday birthday birthday holiday birthday beach holiday holiday.....and so on -- because we apparently only ever take pictures of our family during holidays and birthdays. The folder makes me giggle -- and I love to flash through the pictures in order and watch our hairstyles change -- since the locations are almost always exactly the same!

The other pink thing....well, I guess it's not so pink, but a little bit redder....Sweet hubby and I picked strawberries last Sunday (and he finally got the picture to me). YUM. I love picking strawberries....I love eating them in the field....I love making desserts out of them.....I love eating them for lunch....I love sharing the time with sweet hubby.....All of it. Pink from the inside out.

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