Thursday, December 8, 2011

i am...

feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of christmas shopping on my nonexistent budget and limited free time.

snuggling with the kitty and drinking a glass of wine.

full of yummy chicken putt-putt (pot pie, for those native english speakers who were never confused by the all too similar sounds of pot-pie and putt-putt in southern dialect to a native spanish speaker learning english).

tired after making yummy chicken putt-putt.

ready to have a sub in my classroom tomorrow while i work on translating skill-rating scales with the fourth and fifth grade immersion teachers.

not ready to have a sub in my classroom on tuesday and thursday next week.

ready for friday of next week -- movie and party day!

not so excited about monday and wednesday and trying to be productive and finish this plant adaptation unit, for the love of all things good, before the break....

so excited to be close to a big break, so that i can enjoy my job and be more focused again....

happy that the "december list" is being put into play by sweet hubby, too, and not just myself -- he grabbed the guitar and sat with me in the kitchen for a while (i was working on the putt-putt) and then we played the amazing labyrinth. Greatest game ever (ok, maybe not, but it does make one think). It's a family favorite.

feeling sore in my sides, from a good yoga class last night, with my mama.

staying up past my bedtime since i have a sub tomorrow.

dreading the drive back to ikea to return the blinds that i estimated incorrectly to be the appropriate size for the bedroom windows.

wishing money grew on trees. i'd plant that kind in my backyard and baby it like no other.

sort of sad that we haven't decorated for christmas yet. Sunday is the day. after church, the family will head to the farmer's market to load up on trees, wreaths,and garlands. Then the kitty will start sleeping under the tree, next to the nativity.

trying to remember if we've had the kitty for four years this christmas, or just three. I'm leaning towards four. We don't know her real birthday (at least I don't. Sweet hubby might.) so we just celebrate that she came to live at our house on Christmas day.

thankful for the kitty. She's pretty warm when she sleeps on me (like now).

looking for some motivation. for all that decorating. And sub-plan writing. And house-cleaning. And present-finding/buying/wrapping.

wishing I could just go to the beach.

ecstatic that sweet hubby offered to clean the kitchen. putt-putt involves so many more pots and dishes that i ever remember.

hoping someone, anyone, will donate to my classroom project.

content. i have just enough of what i need, and not too much of what i don't. it's quite the blessing.

madly in love with sweet hubby.

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