Friday, December 16, 2011

five minute friday

Joining in for five minutes on the word "connected" at

I am connected to people I don't know. I am connected to people I do know. I am connected, and yet, sometimes, many times, I feel so disconnected, too.

I was thinking about this the other day...yesterday...when I saw an acquaintance at a meeting after school. I met her through sweet hubby. He used to work with her (she changed jobs), and we occasionally saw each other at their work functions, or went to get tacos from the taco traila together.

The last time I saw her was in May, or June....And now here it is, December, and a totally unrelated event, that makes us re-connect....

Connections begin in funny ways, end in funny ways, and re-occur in unexpected ways, too. It is the connecting and the reconnecting that are happiest for me. The disconnecting? That is not so fun.

I have been struggling lately with a feeling of disconnect from a particular gorup of teachers at my school. I get along great and consider myself good friends with several of the teachers at my school who either teach or taught my grade level, or who currently teach on my hallway. I consider myself struggling to connect with the other teachers throughout the school who started teaching the same year that I did -- the other "young" teachers -- the ones in my age range. I have many friends who are older than me, but few who are younger. And it feels sad to me because they were friends before, easy to talk to, and all of that, and somehow, that simply slipped away. Disconnect.

Outside of school, disconnect, too, with the university church that used to be such a big part of my life (this was a chosen disconnect, but still hard to adjust to in real life).

Disconnect from friends whose lives are moving in a different direction than mine.

Disconnect from friends who are having babies before I am.

Disconnect from friends who are moving away, on to new places and jobs and things like that.

And through it all, connection, too. Connection that grows deeper and deeper with my sweet hubby. Connection that grows deeper and deeper to my family. Connection that grows deeper and deeper to the ones who are true friends, the ones who stick, regardless of the changes. Connection growing deeper and deeper to the ones who refuse to disconnect.

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