Wednesday, November 16, 2011

i am...

thankful. for lots of things.

tired out after a long day of kids and plants and multiplication and perimeter and guidance lessons at school.

recovering from a now 8-day old cold.

sad and frustrated for a good friend, whose husband just found out he doesn't get to start the job he thought he would be starting in December.

praying for my friend and her husband to see and understand God's bigger plan for them.

hungry for some supper, happy that sweet hubby is in charge of fixing it.

listening to the rain begin as the season goes back to being coldish.

skipping yoga. yoga + snot = not pleasant.

excited to hear sweet hubby sing in his school chorus concert tomorrow night. excited also that my parents will be there, even though they both told sweet hubby they had other plans.

relieved to have gotten my donors choose thank you packet completed on time, since the deadline is tomorrow and I thought it was Friday.

ready for interim reports to go home the monday after thanksgiving. Who the heck scheduled interims to go home on the day after a holiday?

totally psyched about a night in! (monday: shopping for the little girl my circle adopted for christmas, tuesday: dinner with work buddies, candle wrapping with the church ladies, thursday: sweet hubby's concert).

constantly checking the mail to see if my new erin condren calendar has come home yet.

eating too much halloween candy, since only 6 trick or treaters came to our house.

glad that the car place that does all of our car repairs didn't charge for fixing the hole left by a roofing nail in my front tire.

counting down -- only four more school days until Thanksgiving. and i WILL start giving thanks the minute that fourth school day is over!

what are you doing?

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