Friday, November 25, 2011

five minute friday

I am grateful for so many things, starting with my family and coming full circle at my family again. What would i do without them?

My family lives close by, and they help take care of us financially, spiritually, and in every way in between.

We eat Sunday dinner together after church.
My mama goes to yoga class with me.
My sister comes over to bake.
My brother tells us jokes and asks for haircuts.
My dad talks to me about money and makes me do crossword puzzles with him.
My mama takes me shopping.
My grandma just likes to show us off.

The things that i get to do with my family make me so grateful for them. Really, really grateful.

Sweet hubby is inviting me to dance. I'm pretty darn grateful for him, too.


  1. It is awesome that you listed something specific for everyone! They have to all be pretty special.

  2. What wonderful things to be grateful for!! Our family doesn't have the blessings of an extended family like yours, and I LOVE to see that you know the blessing that is in your life.