Thursday, January 6, 2011

tomorrow is friday

And boy, do I need a weekend! Monday back at school was ok, Tuesday a little rougher, I almost snapped (maybe I did snap, a little) Wednesday, today was tough, but I was calmer than yesterday, and tomorrow is Friday. Saturday, Sunday, how you tease me.

And how sad I will be when Saturday is here, and Christmas vacates my home....

We'll pack up the ornaments, the lights, the Christmas cards (ok, we'll just toss those), wreath will come off the front door....

Sweet hubby will start back to class on Monday, though he hasn't been completely on vacation as he has worked through the break.

And it is a good thing, too, since we are broker than broke, and horrible at sticking to a budget. I'm sure I'll feel a little bit better once the next pay checks post to our bank accounts, but until then....I'm feeling the pinch.

Sweet hubby is agreeable, so far, to the matching retirement with charitable giving idea. Sweet hubby is not agreeable, so far, to the idea of matching "entertainment" or "fun" spending with goal oriented savings -- he thinks this will just make him not ever want to spend money. In my mind, that was kind of the point -- if we're just not spending, we're still saving, and if we *are* spending, we'll be saving, too. In contrast to what we have been doing, which is overspending all the time.

I anticipate having budget discussions/savings discussions/heated misunderstandings about money all weekend long. Not my favorite, but I'm pretty sure that they are a necessary evil at this point, and may potentially save us from future homelessness and bankruptcy. I'd rather tighten the belt this year than lose the house, or even have to face the stress of not being able to make the payments. I always start freaking out when there is not enough in the bank account to cover the visa bill....It's been a hard time financially since August, when I needed to go ahead and take a class at the university, knowing we didn't have the money until the spring (like, March of this year, maybe), and then all of the business about the car getting stolen, and fixing the AC in the other car, and really, I should just stop and count my blessings.

I have a job, an education, a roof over my head, food in my kitchen, and enough sense to fix my debt now. Sweet hubby has a job, talent in the kitchen, an amazing set of computer skills, and is working on an education. We have family and friends that love us, and we're going to make it through. We might struggle a little to get there, but we'll make it in the end.

With that, I leave you thinking about the blessing that is the weekend. And the sadness that is taking down the Christmas tree. Boo.

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