Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Days

It's true. The south has had snow twice in one winter.
And not just a tiny little dusting of snow -- enough snow to cancel school for going on three days now.

Three days. Today was number two, tomorrow is number three, and hopefully that will be it -- I'm getting cabin fever. But the roads down south are too icy for us to drive on, and too dangerous for the school buses to run, so all public schools in this area are closed.

Yesterday, I invited my neighbors over for hot chocolate and a movie. We watched New York I Love You and drank a variety of my favorites by Land O Lakes. I thought everyone would go home after the movie, but they sort of hung around....so we played a few rounds of scattergories. We sent sweet hubby to the grocery store, which he said was PACKED, after he cleared a thick layer of ice off of the car.

We fixed some pizzas and played a dancing game on the wii. The power went out briefly while the pizzas were in the oven, and came back on as we were setting the table by candlelight. Dinner was followed by lots more dancing and some mulled wine.

Good friends and a fun afternoon made snow day #1 much more bearable than thinking about missing the only day off from school in February and March to a weather-make-up-day. I was pretty bummed when I heard that we'd also be missing today, since today cuts spring break short by a day.

Today, I slept late (really late -- 10:00 -- and I'm normally up at 5:30), then lounged around the house for a long time. Like, all day. I helped a friend convert some boot-cut jeans into skinny jeans and covered the spines of some Spanish text books, to add to the bookcase in the living room. I used blue paper this time -- and I'm very pleased with the results. It will still be easy for me to tell which books can be used for tutoring, since these are color coordinated.

Tomorrow, for snow day #3, I think I will try to get part of the guest room closet under control. It's pretty scary in there, though, so I might wimp out and watch TV like a slug all day, with the kitty curled up on my legs and a blanket and a cup of cider....

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