Wednesday, January 12, 2011

going on four days now....

So, tomorrow is day four of no school.

I should have been on a cruise.

No, really.

Sweet hubby looked up cruises for me, in August and September, when I was constantly reminding him of the fact that he was away for 1/6 of the year, between his trips to weddings and a month in Chile and his stint at Idyllwilde and the trip to Brazil, and I was home. I think I went out of town for a couple of weekends without him, but nothing near the extent of traveling that he was able to do. So to make up for it, he was going to send me on a cruise with my friends.

My friends are broke. And I would have had to take time off work.

Or so I thought. Apparently I could have gone on a cruise and not taken time off work, since we have snow day #4 tomorrow.

I am getting seriously stir crazy. I just had winter break, and was able to get a great deal of relaxing and project-making out of the way. During December, I managed to convince sweet hubby to help me clean out the fridge (also thanks to the help of Hoarders on Netflix). I moved books onto the new bookcase. I had sweet hubby's help cleaning out the pantry. I made pajamas for my friends and for myself. I made freezer lunches. I made a budget (it will never last -- we spend way more than we make) and tried to start cleaning up our financial life. I went back to school for a week.

And now I have been home for a week, going crazy.

Monday we had the dance party. That was good. Tuesday, I lounged on the couch and tried to not lose it. Today, I pulled everything out of a closet. Everything. And didn't put any of it back. I need sweet hubby to change the shelves around, but he has put it off until Monday. I bought him the supplies (mostly...except for the mishap with the saw at Lowe's, when just before the last cut, the saw cut through the power cord in a stunning display of red flashes) and I have the plan all ready for him. I even bought some new, beautiful, green plastic bins to move some of the things that will be put back into the closet into more manageable units -- like, not paper shopping bags. But sweet hubby is determined that we will not be working on the closet until Monday.

So I made him go with my to my mama's house, and load up the fine china and crystal into the car, and carry it up the icy steps to our house, and set it all on the dining room table, and after yoga class tomorrow morning, I will set it all up nice and pretty in our china cabinet. Approximately two months before our five-year wedding anniversary. Is there a time limit on how long it is acceptable to leave wedding gifts at a parent's house? Because if there is, I think I might be way past the acceptable limit. Maybe we'll eat a fancy home cooked meal on our fancy china this year for our anniversary.

For now, the Deadliest Catch marathon continues.

Here's hoping that this is the last "snow" day of the year.

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