Friday, September 17, 2010

another long week......

But probably a little better than last week. In fact, MUCH better than last week, but I'm still exhausted. At least I wasn't falsely accused again this week -- by the crazies.

I'm still feeling really stressed out by the kids I'm teaching this year, and not having much success with behavior.... Oh, it's tough. My partner teacher thinks we are making progress, though, so I will pretend she's right, for now. We've at least figured out that certain kids LIKE to go to the office, so they misbehave on purpose, to get the extra attention. The more we ignore the problem behavior from those students, the easier it becomes to ignore in the future? Maybe not...But telling them straight out that if going to the office is a reward for them, they aren't going to go, and then tricking them into thinking they are getting pulled out of the classroom to go to the office but really having to finish their tests or classwork in another teacher's room...Is apparently somewhat effective. So is distracting the other students when they dramatically fall out of their chairs and hit their heads on the tile floor, for the second or third time this week.... I believe that they will tell me if they need/want to go to the nurse. I don't offer until about 5-10 minutes have passed and the attention of the other students is on more productive things....Does this make me a bad teacher? Does this mean that I am not a kind, compassionate human being?

I think it makes me a frustrated, second year teacher, trying to do my best not to lose my cool in front of a classroom full of students, some who are actually paying a whole lot of attention to what I am doing, even if the rest of the students are trying to do everything they can NOT to.

Aside from school....I managed a 5K run with a friend on Wednesday, before yoga class, and managed to stay awake for shivasana, while my mama had a little snooze....Normally I'm the one snoring. And tomorrow, first thing, I'll be running a 5K with two of my good friends....We'll help each other go up the hill, since we normally run a mostly flat route. And the 5k will be followed by an afternoon of floating in the sun, followed by some extreme home-work action. Just what I love to do with my weekend. I guess it is better than selling seats at the football game, though.

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