Thursday, September 2, 2010

12 days of school down, many more to go...

Oh, school. Such a challenge, this year. If only my students would use their ears...
Wait...Use their ears to listen to ME, not their classmates, when I want to give instructions so that we can do something FUN.

In what was perhaps not my finest teaching moment ever, today, I lost my cool and SLAMMED the air conditioner-switch-lid very loudly. It was actually quite effective. The students jumped, sat quietly with looks of shock on their faces, and then listened in silence as I told them that they were acting like kindergarteners, not third graders. They stayed pretty well behaved for about half an hour, too, and we made it to lunch on time again.

I like getting to lunch on time -- it means I actually get to eat.

And amazingly, when the assistant principal walked in to check on my class this afternoon, she found my students working in pairs, actually doing what they were supposed to be doing. It was AMAZING. She saw me give the tail end of an example, then ask students who thought they new how to do it on their own, pair up the students, get their workbooks, and get them started -- a great time to observe, I think. She'll be evaluating me this year -- I hope I pass muster!

One more school day before the holiday weekend -- I am looking forward to the extra day. Seriously looking forward to the extra day.

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