Sunday, April 7, 2013

it's a...

First things first:
It has been forever since I posted any pictures on here. I've basically stopped playing with the camera, and my little computer has slowed down a whole lot in the 3.5 years that it has been my primary source of internet access, and only recently has sweet hubby consented to truly share his (nicer, newer) laptop with me. So I'll finally start with a couple of pictures!

16 weeks

20 weeks

These two pictures don't show a whole lot of difference in the size of Peanut's bump, but I can assure you that the bump is, indeed, getting bigger! It has only been a couple of weeks that people have been telling me they can really tell a difference -- before, I was just kind of getting bigger, and now Peanut is more of a bump than general size increase.

Second things second:
We did find out Peanut's gender! And in time for an Easter reveal!

Here is our (not so lovely from the outside, after all, since the lemon icing kept running and running and running and sliding all over the place) tasty cake:

The little flags say "He peep?" and "She peep?"

Most of my family members are a little bit older than us -- my mama was the youngest of 4 sisters, and only her two oldest sisters had children, and their children have all already had children -- there is only one cousin who knew without us explaining what the cake was about! My uncles kept asking if the two peeps on top meant that there was a boy and a girl -- we reiterated that there is only one baby, not twins!

We all ate Easter dinner before my aunts couldn't wait any more to cut the cake. Here is the inside:

Peanut's a girl!

We are thrilled, of course, and would have been thrilled with a boy, too! We are so excited that so far, Peanut seems to be a healthy little baby -- something we wondered whether we would ever be able to have!

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